Wanted: suggestions and support for more sports events like the “Bizzy B 5K”

Jochem Batstra, in cooperation with the Bizzy B Bakery, has organized the famous “Bizzy B 5K” events. After the success of the first “Bizzy B 5K”, Jochem wants to organize more events on Saba. Preferably, a consistent series of events, giving the community an opportunity to train and live towards moments to challenge themselves and others. He hopes that this will be a start for many more sports events in the future.

In order to create a good offer of events, Jochems needs your views, suggestions, and ideas. To that effect, he has compiled a short questionnaire. You can access it HERE. You may respond anonymously. It will take approx. 11 minutes to answer. If you want to meet Jochem in-person to elaborate on your thoughts, he would be pleased to meet you at Bizzy B’s.

Jochem Batstra is an enthusiastic sportsman. He followed the educational program of Sport, Management and Business at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. There, he got acquainted with many different sports like badminton, martial arts, fitness, outdoor gymnastics, and many more. They had around 25 hours of sports lessons per week. Besides practicing sports, he also specialized in outdoor sports event organization. The whole process while organizing an event leads to that one moment where it all comes together. That satisfaction after an event is mainly caused by the reaction of the participants and stakeholders. Therefore, your opinion is very important!
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