Vaccination certificate information can be uploaded into CoronaCheck app as of today

Residents of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba who have been vaccinated can convert their paper vaccination certificate to a digital version that can be downloaded on the mobile phone as of today.

On 18 June,  Minister Hugo de Jonge (VWS) announced in a letter to the House of Representatives that it would be possible for the residents from the Caribbean part of the Kingdom to enter the QR code of the paper vaccination certificate into the CoronaCheck app from mid-July.    Asked about the status of the project, a  ministry  spokesman  replied:

“The most recent version of the app, version 2.2, makes it possible to convert the paper evidence into that app. This version is now available for download or update in both app stores, both for iOS and Android. For the BES islands, this means that they can use the option to convert paper vaccination certificates into QR codes as of today.”

Curacao, Aruba, and Sint Maarten have chosen to develop an app themselves. The corona certificate is necessary to travel through Europe and (also in the Netherlands) to access certain locations.

You can find information on the CoronaCheck app HERE.

If you had already downloaded the app on your phone, do NOT forget to update the app to the latest version.

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