Vacancy: Director of Tourism at Saba Tourist Bureau

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba would like to inform the public of the following vacancy: Director of Tourism at the Saba Tourist Bureau. Saba’s island government is looking for a Director of Tourism with a pro-active approach and a vision for sustainable growth within the industry. The Director will manage a small team that focuses on Tourism Development on Saba.

The Organization

The island government of Saba is known for its stability. It maintains good relations with the Netherlands and ensures that results are accomplished in various domains. Our colleagues work on infrastructure (airport, harbor, water management), public works, planning, waste collection and management, social development, health care, agriculture, HRM, ICT, finance, communication, civil affairs, legal advice, and various policy areas. The staff consists of about 180 persons in total.

The island government of Saba works towards a greater self-reliability and economic development, focusing on sustainability. Topics that we are currently working on include a new harbor, new school buildings, marketing of our eco-tourism, sustainable growth of our tourism industry, nature preservation, agriculture, organization development, etc.

On the agenda for the coming years are: the carrying out of ongoing projects, together with the Netherlands continue to improve the quality of life on Saba, continue the execution of financial management and integrity, and further investments in our personnel where we aim towards the further professionalizing of the organization.

The Function

The Department of Tourism faces a new period, whereby our focus is the economic and industry recovery post-Covid-19, and we must be pro-active and result-oriented. The tourism industry has a broad network of stakeholders on the island and regional and international partners. This phase entails developing the department and industry in a sustainable manner, which requires leadership and strategic planning, with a future vision.

In addition to this, we are looking for a director that further expands the department of tourism’s competencies. Within your scope, you are the daily manager of the Saba Tourist Bureau and staff. We are in search of a person who will lead this department in this new period and beyond. Someone excellent in planning, who is goal-oriented and creative, but most importantly, understands what Saba needs as a tourism destination and who can guide the department in the right direction. You will be part of the management team and report directly to the Island Secretary. Your colleague department heads are responsible for the harbor, airport, public works, planning, agriculture, hygiene and vector control, finance, human resources. You will work closely with Economics Affairs personnel for the development of statistics and

Your Profile

You recognize the needs of the industry and translate this proactively to concrete proposals or strategies. You are a strong personality who has an eye for the industry’s challenges and looks for collaboration to achieve development goals. You have excellent communicative skills, and you easily make contact on a tangible level with diverse people of various backgrounds. You are enterprising, hands-on, decisive, and flexible.

You are an experienced manager with different managerial skills. You enjoy achieving daily goals while you work towards realizing more long-term goals. You can work with different personalities and capable of dealing with challenging situations. Partners on the island should perceive you as a strong personality, which focuses on realizing the necessary output for the tourism industry. You will be leading a small team of professionals, and you enjoy strengthening an established department. You have experience managing a group of professionals and everything that comes with it, such as; financial responsibility, mentoring, monitoring results, and being accountable for your team.

You have, at least, a completed Bachelor’s / HBO / WO (academic) education in the field of tourism, hospitality, and/or marketing, or the equivalent in experience. Excellent command of the English language, both verbally and in writing, with knowledge of additional languages being an advantage. You have at least five years of experience in a similar function within the industry. You have knowledge of and experience in the development and execution of marketing strategies.

Some of your other requirements are:

·     Socially engaged and experienced within the tourism industry.

·     Knowledgeable of Saba’s tourism sector and product. You are motivated and goal-oriented to contribute to the growth of the industry actively.

·     A person with an open personality, independent, and resourceful with strong communication skills.

·     You have strong advisory and management skills.

·     Skilled in networking and promotion.

·     A team player focused on establishing connections and strengthening the department.

·     Able to effectively prioritize and organize your work.

·     Skilled in budget planning and management.

Our offer

At the Public Entity Saba, you work at an organization in development that offers sufficient freedom and challenge to show your talents. We offer a 39.5-hour work week, and a locally conforming salary, aside from good secondary labor conditions.


The final candidates must give a presentation that will outline ambitions for guiding the tourism industry to grow and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are interested in this position, we invite you to submit an application letter and CV no later than February 21st, 2021, via email: This is also the email for questions.


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