Vacancy Board Member for Saba Foundation for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFPCA)

Vacancy General Board

The board fulfills its statutory and legal obligations in accordance with the Saba Dog Ordinance, the Saba Ordinance Identification and Registration of Livestock and Pets, applicable laws and regulations, the articles of association and the rules of Saba Foundation for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SFPCA).

The General Board (GB) meets 4 times a year & consists of 5 to 7 members.

The GB elects a Daily Board in charge of running the Foundation, which in turn various appoints committees in charge of:

The SFPCA Animal Clinic, Free Sterilization Program, ISO Chipping Campaign and Registration.

The First Responders with the task to provide First Aid and Emergency Care, to act as directed in accordance with the Saba Dog Ordinance, the Community Police Officer, The Animal Welfare Officer and the SFPCA Vet.

Animal Shelter & Dog training, in charge of building the Animal Shelter, Dog Training Park and provide Animal Care Education to the youth in general.

Fundraising & Subsidies in charge of marketing and organizing fundraising events. Lobbying Animal Interests with Stakeholders on Saba and abroad.

Volunteers, the core of the foundation!

The following competencies are preferred from a member of the General Board:

Saban, Dutch Antillean or at least five-year grounded resident, environment awareness, networking, strategic insight, team player, tertiary education and previous board membership or administrative experience.

Do you feel called, do you have a bond with animals, nature, the community, and affinity with animal welfare? We would like to receive your application letter giving an indication of your applicable general background with your motivation by email.


The Chairman,

Vacancy Security Officer for the Harbor

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