Update from Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, February 23. 546 vaccinated in two days.

Update from Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, February 23. 546 vaccinated in two days.


Island Governor’s address, Tuesday, February, 23rd;
We are now at 546 residents vaccinated after day two.
I think we are doing exceptionally well as a community as we are working together to bring new hope for the future.
This pandemic has wreaked havoc, and I think we can all admit that we are scared; we have been for over a year now. We are fearful for ourselves, our community, our loved ones abroad and worried about what might be coming next.
We do not have all the answers; however, we are one step closer to regaining a sense of normalcy for our community, our economy, and our connection to the outside world.
While no vaccine offers 100% protection, I want to remind you that you are protecting yourself and your loved ones from adverse effects of this virus by taking this vaccine.
We are privileged to have this opportunity, as many throughout the world will have to wait many months before they have the chance to be vaccinated.
If you have missed your vaccination appointment for some reason, there are catch-up days in which you can still have the opportunity to be vaccinated. Please call the vaccination hotline or see the schedule posted on the public entity Facebook page.
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the public health and saba health care team and the volunteers throughout this process.
As a community, we can anticipate more good news as the week progresses and as we all continue to do our part.
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  1. Excellent work! Onwards towards 90-100%!
    You make the possibility for reopening the island.
    Unfortunately Statia will stay closed as too few people get their vaccination over there.

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