Update from Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, February 22. First day 260 persons vaccinated.

Today we rolled out the Moderna vaccine, and so far, 260 persons have had their first round of the covid-19 vaccine, including myself. I took it this morning along with nurse Naomi and Dr. Koen. Since taking the vaccine, I must say that I don’t feel anything different.

The Public Health department, Saba Healthcare, and the volunteers have done a fantastic job on the setup and flow, and I want to thank everyone involved for a job well done. I wish everyone a smooth week forward. Please remember to be patient and follow the process.
I want to ensure everyone that all safety measures and protocols are in place for this process and there is no need for concern. We have trusted our health care professionals and the science thus far, and I say let’s continue to do that.
Masks are not required here on Saba as we are covid-19 free. Gloves are not recommended for most vaccinations and are not required for the covid-19 vaccine. All nurses and healthcare professionals do take necessary precautions.
As we continue with the vaccination drive this week, don’t forget there is the bus service with Cuchie available for anyone that may need transport to and from their vaccine appointment, so please give him a call at 527-2520.
We will continue to update you as the week progresses.
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  1. The vaccination grade of Saba makes the island the greatest municipality of the kingdom. When finished, it is expected that Saba will have the highest percentage of vaccination! Be proud on your fellow islanders who made this happen!

  2. The game is on. Saba doubled the numbers vaccinated on Statia yesterday already!

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