Town hall meeting on draft Traffic Ordinance

The Executive Council invites the general public to the public town hall consultation of the new draft Traffic Ordinance.
Come out and let us know the community’s views on the various traffic-related topics such as tint, driving under the influence, driving without seat belts, and speeding.
The draft Traffic Ordinance has been discussed earlier with the Youth Council when they had their first consultation earlier in April. Island Governor Johnson presented the new draft Traffic Ordinance and its most notable changes to the Youth Council. The youngsters were able to voice their opinion on different topics such as drunk driving, driving with seatbelts, tinted car windows, and the use of child seats.

The members of the Youth Council were very content with the decision of the Executive Council. “We are grateful for being acknowledged and for being given a platform for our voice to be heard,” said Youth Council Member Amanda Clarke.

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