The new hydroponics farm will enhance the fresh food security on Saba

The Saba government is setting up a hydroponics farm to enhance the fresh food security on Saba. This is financed through a major grant from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.  To set up and operate a hydroponics farm requires specialized knowledge.  Mr. Jim Garza was found willing to help to make this project a success.
Last week Commissioner of Agriculture and Horticulture, Rolando Wilson, the head of Agriculture and Vector Control Randall Johnson, Evita Pronk, and Robert Zagers of the Planning Bureau, met with the newly appointed project manager for Hydroponics and Greenhouse, Mr. Jim Garza, to discuss moving forward on the hydroponics farm.
During the meeting, Mr. Garza informed all about his extensive knowledge and experience setting up and running hydroponic farming operations. He also explained the production of different products that we would be able to produce. Mr. Garza is excited to get the project up and running. He is very enthusiastic about this project and is already giving advice and ideas on making the project a success.
He wants the project on Saba to be involved in an American/Dutch foundation for agriculture, he works with in the United States.
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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    To create an example as a demonstration project of it has been decided already in 2012 by the board based on my proposal as president of what is called now Saba Reach!
    Tom van ‘t Hof was willing to support that initiative with his knowledge and experience!

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