The much anticipated Saba Summer Festival kicked off last evening with the well attended opening jump up.

The much anticipated Saba Summer Festival kicked off last evening with the well attended opening jump up.
Following the jump up, Commissioner of culture, Rolando Wilson opened the festival village with the pioneer of carnival on Saba, Mrs Carmen Simmons along with past Saba Summer Festival queens.

Once the gate was opened the revelers entered and the festivities commenced with the Saba anthem and a speech by Commissioner Wilson. The Saba Festival Foundation also presented Mrs Simmons with an Icon Award for her contribution towards starting carnival and continuing with it over several years.

In case you missed it, here is the message from the Commissioner;
I am proud to officially open the gate for the 45th Carnival and to welcome you all. A special welcome to the iconic lady who started carnival on Saba, Mrs. Carmen Simmons.
Carnival is all about celebrating and expressing our culture and creativity and having a good time.
This year we are so fortunate to be able to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Carnival, and to welcome visitors from abroad and especially our sister islands to Saba.
On behalf of the Island Government of Saba, I am asking each and everyone of you to take your role as a responsible Carnival reveler seriously. In the coming days and especially during J’Ouvert morning be safe, abide by the rules, and be respectful of each other.
I would like to thank the Saba Festival Foundation for their hard work, all the promoters, all the different government departments, volunteers and troupe leaders who have contributed to making this year’s 45th Carnival a success. A very big thank you to all.
Hear the Riddim, Feel the Vibes enjoy Carnival 45!


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  1. René Caderius van Veen

    Just the 45th anniversary of an event like Carnival and already called “culture”?

    • Rene, why are you so grumpy? Let people celebrate and enjoy their CULTURE… who made you the culture police to decide that 45 years does not meet the threshold? I think doing a little two-step would be good for you sir! Will help you lighten up and decompress 🙂

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