The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports hosts weeklong training for Sports professionals

The Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports invited representatives from the BES islands to join a week-long training program hosted at the prestigious Papendal Sports Center in the Netherlands. This program aims to inspire professionals in the field of sports and equip them with the tools and skills to expand and improve sports in their communities. 

Representatives from Saba include Buurt Sport Coach/Coordinator Joelyn Robinson and project leader – Public health & Sports Lauren Risley from the Public Health and Sports Department. During this week, participants will complete various training to enhance engagement in sport in communities, visit sports facilities, and participate in sports activities.  

Engaging the community of Saba in sports and activity is central to the Sports and Prevention Agreement signed by Commissioner Wilson in 2019. This agreement sees Saba committing to creating an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Making the healthy choice the easy choice is a guiding ambition for the Public Health and Sports Department, and we hope that this training contributes to the achievement of that ambition.

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