Some changes to Saba’s Covid-19 Response Policy

The OMT Saba has evaluated its covid19 response policy, and some changes have been approved which will go into effect on August 1st.
 For the most part, the entry requirements will stay the same. One change will be that, while the 5-day quarantine is still in place, once persons have received their negative test result on day 5, they can immediately resume their normal activities.
Additionally, a person is now only considered fully vaccinated 2 weeks after they have taken their final vaccine dose.
Lastly, pre-travel PCR tests will still be valid for 72 hours, but the rapid Antigen test can now only be taken a maximum 48 hours before arrival to Saba.
The low number of people requiring quarantine and the high vaccination coverage on Saba allows for some process improvements. Persons that need to quarantine will receive the quarantine instructions together with their EHAS approval before traveling to Saba. Public health will then also follow up with daily calls/contact, to monitor and answer questions.
In practice, this means that public health staff will not be present at every incoming flight or ship. Security staff will be available to check adherence to quarantine on an as-needed basis.
These changes will be monitored for a month-long period, after which an assessment will occur to determine if any adjustments need to be made.
In relation to the vaccine, today Saba has received approval from the Ministry of Health, to begin with vaccinating children 12 years and older. If your child(ren) is interested in receiving the vaccine, please contact the Public Health Hotline at 599 416 6013. The first dose of vaccinations for children will occur on August 5th 2021 at the Saba Cares Clinic.
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