Second vaccination round: March 22- March 29

From March 22nd until March 29th we will get #vaccinated for Saba again!

The public is invited to come to the Eugenius Johnson Center in Windwardside at the same day and time as your first round appointment. Remember to bring your vaccination card and a valid ID. Persons who got vaccinated on Wednesday during round one are again asked to come to The Home in the Bottom between 10 am — 1 pm for their second vaccination.

Persons who got vaccinated on Saturday during round one are asked to come on Monday March 29th between 10am — 1pm for their second vaccination.

Did you miss the first round and want to get vaccinated now? Come to the Center on Monday March 29th between 2pm – 6pm to get your first vaccination.

Our free bus service will once again be available. The number on vaccination days is (01 721) 527 2520

For questions about the vaccine contact the COVID-19 Vaccine Information Line 10599) 416 5373

See you next week, same day same time to get #vaccinated for Saba

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