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SCS: To all parent(s)/guardian(s) and students of the Saba Comprehensive School

St. John’s, March 12, 2020
Re: CO-VID19 (also known as the Corona-Virus)

Dear parent(s), guardian(s), and students,

You must be aware of the guidelines shared by the Public Entity Saba published earlier how to prevent the CO-VID19 virus from spreading and what to do in case somebody shows symptoms of this virus. The SCS would like to reinforce good hygiene both at home and at school, be mindful, and practice social distance when necessary.

The SCS will provide regular education as long as possible and as long as the schools are not forced to close. After all, students who are at home appeal to their parents, which means that people in their professions, for example, cannot work.

At this moment, teachers have been instructed to discuss with students how they will continue the educational program and prepare material for students to do at home. This requires that students should have access to a computer / tablet and internet. You, as the parent/guardian, are requested to ensure that the students actually do the work that has been assigned to them and use their time wisely as much as possible.

If your child does not have access to a computer and/or internet, I would like to request that you contact the administration as soon as possible, so we can look into possible solutions.
More information will be shared as soon as possible / if needed. I strongly advise you to share with us your contact-email so we can add you to our email distribution list, please send an email to administration@learningsaba.com and your email will be added. For any questions or suggestions, please do contact me directly via email, phone or WhatsApp.

Anton Hermans, Principal Saba Comprehensive School

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