Scheduled traffic control Saba – three reports

Police report of Monday, March 22nd  until Wednesday, March 24th  2021

A scheduled traffic control was held on Saba on Monday, March 22nd. A total of 114 vehicles were checked at four locations, during which 3 police reports were issued and a bag with presumable hemp as the content was seized:

Captain Matthew Livingstone Street: 16 vehicles; nothing unusual
Church Road: 50 vehicles; 1 police report for not paying the road tax and 1 police report for not having a valid insurance certificate
JZ Ridge Road: 40 vehicles; 1 police report for non-payment of the road tax
Windwardside 16 vehicles; confiscated a bag of supposed hemp.


Hand sanitizers installed to prepare for the reopening of Saba on May 1
Update from Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, March 23.

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