Saba’s OMT scales up Covid-19 measures because of 6 active cases – updated

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson communicates the upscaled measures on Saba because of 6 active Covid-19 cases. Listen to his message here:

On Island Measures Increase:

Due to an increased number of covid cases on island, Saba will be moving to alert level 2. This will be implemented December 23rd, 2021, effective immediately.

The scaling up to level 2 means that as of today:
– Masks are strongly recommended in public places.
– Physical distancing is recommended where possible.
– Bars & Restaurants may remain open but the staff should be masked.
– Stores may remain open but recommend persons entering the stores to mask and the personnel should be masked as well.
– Church and group gathering indoors will have a maximum of 100 persons, masked.
– Work from home when possible and to only go into the office when that is needed.
We urge the public to follow instructions and fully cooperate if you get a call from our Public Health colleagues. We urge you to not go to the testing center unless you are called to.
1. We are all in this together, and everybody must do their part. It is not only the duty of the OMT or government to mitigate the risk of covid but also the community.
2. Continue to take personal responsibility when traveling and adhere to the on-island rules of your travel destinations.
3. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, call the Saba Cares, +599 416 3288 clinic and stay at home as much as possible when sick.
4. Continue to monitor all communications from the Island Government of Public Entity Saba.
5. The covid-19 virus can affect anyone, and we should treat everyone with respect.
6. The situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic remains fluid, and the Island Government of the Public Entity Saba reserves the right to change any conditions at all times when the circumstances require it.

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