Saba Wellness Pharmacy reopened in the former “My Store” supermarket building

Saba Wellness Pharmacy moved to a new location in The Bottom in the former MyStore building. The pharmacy can be accessed through the front sliding door entrance and upstairs where the freezer section used to be. It has an expanded prod­uct line and a modern open plan.

We are now open at our new location! Leonardo was our first customer of the day! Hope to see you all soon!

The location was chosen because the new building ensures more space, safety for the annual hurricane season, more stor­age in the same building and backup generators for 24/7 elec­tricity. The new design allows staff to work together efficiently to provide all pharmacy services. The space is well lit with a combination of natural and LED lighting so all items can be accessed easily.

It took months of organization and preparation to arrange the move with COVID-19 causing challenges in sourcing the new shelving and cabinets, according to a press release. Eventually, all was arranged with Next Design Interiors and Montoya Car­pentry from St. Maarten which provided the custom counters and shelves designed with the signature blue colors of the pharmacy logo.

“I was hired 51/2 years ago to create a proper pharmacy for Saba and now I feel we have the building to match our services. Over the past five years, we have installed the latest dispensing systems in line with pharmacy standards from the Netherlands and provide special local services to minimize our vulnerability due to our isolation.

“In the future, we plan to collaborate with other Saba health­care organizations to increase our services to better serve the residents of Saba,” said Managing Director Jacqui Christian. “We look forward to seeing you in our fresh new space, wheth­er for prescriptions, over-the-counter items, or advice.

“Coincidentally, 25 years ago this month I opened Kanwal Medical Centre pharmacy in New South Wales, Australia, which is still going strong. I hope Saba Wellness Pharmacy is also going strong for the next 25 years.”

The Daily Herald

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