Saba Triathlon 2021 was a great event

On Saturday, January 23rd, the Saba Triathlon event took place, the run where even the swim is uphill. The start was at 7:30 am in Fort Bay, finishing at the Breadline Plaza in Windwardside.
Photo Saba Triathlon
The Saba Triathlon Foundation would like to give a special shout out to a Foundation that is constantly trying to keep the Island and its surroundings in perfect condition.
They are a crucial partner of the Saba Triathlon Foundation. The last couple of weeks they put a lot of effort into clearing trails, including The Bottom Mountain trail and the Sandy Cruz trail that are been used during the triathlon. They will also provide support on the water, placing one of the buoys and scraping the ramp to prevent it from being slippery during the triathlon.
Congratulations to all the participants: “First of all…. you’ve done it! You participated as an individual or team! Or you did the Trail run part of this year’s edition of the Saba Triathlon! Well done!
Even if you didn’t participate you were most likely to be involved in organizing, sponsoring, volunteering or cheering. And hereby, we would like to give you a loud round of applause.”
Then… time for the results and their prizes, mostly donated by local businesses. Thanks to all the businesses and other sponsors that helped to make this event an even bigger success!


1: Geertrude Hellema
2: Eefje Vorage
3: Angela van Maris
1: Alwin Hylkema
2: Jochem Batstra
3: Peter Johnson
Both male and female top 3 won:
1: Dinner for 2 @ Chez Bubba, snorkle/dive from Sea Saba & Tri-Sport voucher ($20)
2: Taco dinner for 2 @ Chez Bubba, Tri-Sport voucher ($50)
3: Breakfast for 2 @ Chez Bubba, Tri-Sport voucher ($30)
1: Zelda Meeuwsen & Shaun Johnson – Two snorkles/dives from Sea Saba, 2x Amazon voucher sponsored by Chez Bubba ($50)
2: Koen Hulshof, Ruth Bruin & Shurendy Winfield – Tropics voucher ($100)
3: Jane O’Flynn, & Quirine Hakkaart – 2x Bizzy B voucher ($20)
Kids Team
1: Tobias Hermans, Edwin Germain, Kimson Guerrier & Devon Benders 4 snorkles/dives from Sea Saba
2: Sergio Martinez, John Mosquera & Greco Bautista 3x Island Flavour voucher ($25)
Trail run
1: Tyler Johnson – Brigadoon voucher ($50)
2: Rosa Johnson – Tropics voucher ($25)
3: Angie Ignacio – Snorkel Sea Saba
See the pictures for the complete time results on the Saba Triathlon Foundation Facebook page.
The Saba Triathlon Foundation
New roof for for the Sunny Valley Youth Center and light masts go up at sports field
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