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Opinion: No more votes for goats on Saba

Dear Editor, For many years now, a small number of goat own­ers have been allowed to let their goats roam free on the island. Despite the destruction the goats have caused on the island and to people’s personal property, the goat owners never pay for it. They are never held …

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Opinion: suggestions for improving the pond at Cove Bay

Dear Editor, The new stone and soil retaining wall at the swim pond at Cove Bay has apparently reduced the inflow of floating seaweed (I believe that this is mainly sargassum). However, it has also created essentially a dead sea zone within the pond now. The is no marine life, …

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Opinion: Our Parliament will have the last word on our social minimum

Dear Editor, I have followed the debate on the social minimum for the Caribbean Netherlands between the members of the Kingdom Relations committee of the Second Chamber and state-sec­retaries Knops (Kingdom Relations) and Van Ark (Social Affairs). I am rather disappointed with the point of view of both state-secre­taries and …

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