Saba Lions Club celebrates its 43rd anniversary today

The Saba Lions Club will be celebrating its 43rd anniversary today, Saturday. Saba’s Lions Club has been in existence and serving the community of the “Unspoiled Queen” for more than four decades.

“We are proud to be a part of the Lionistic global initia­tive under the banner of “We Serve.” We have risen to many challenges and occasions, and we are proud of our heritage,” the Lions Club said.

The Saba Lions said they were thankful to the commu­nity of Saba and their social partners and stakeholders for their continuous confidence in the service the Lions Club is rendering.

“Over the years, the focus and needs of our commu­nity have changed. Nonetheless, the Saba Lions Club has managed to continue nurturing those with the help of all involved,” the Lions said.

They said a “big thank you” to Saba as a whole, “and may we, the members of the Saba Lions Club, continue serv­ing our community with love and dedication. Our motto remains: We serve.”

The Daily Herald.

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