Saba launches new website, part of integrated communication plan

The Government Information Service (GIS) of the Public Entity Saba has recently launched a new website. The GIS developed this website in-house with the intention that the department can update it regularly and without external assistance. The new website, which has been live now for a month, has information that citizens inquire about frequently and is in keeping with responsive governance. The new and improved website is a sub-project of a larger communication plan in line with good governance and transparency.

Saskia Matthew of the GIS Department has been working on an integrated communication plan to reach the entire community, emphasizing delivering information professionally. “I hope to cater to the entire population, in one way or another, by keeping them informed. We are looking forward to feedback on the website as it is an ongoing project as information is fluid, but also as we continue to improve our services for the public. Soon, there will be other projects which will target members of the community who may not have access to the regular communication channels.” she indicated.

One of the main goals of the GIS Department has been to provide more information to the community of Saba about the work that government does. The main priority is to engage citizens in as many forms using the appropriate platforms to enable them to provide input and feedback about issues and concerns that matter to them.

The presence of social media has made it easier for government to provide information to the public. In 2017, with Hurricane Irma quickly approaching, the government realized that it was essential to provide reliable information to as much of the community as possible, as swiftly as possible. From there, we began using WhatsApp to disseminate messages to the population in a critical time. The use of WhatsApp was successful, and we continue to make use of it.

The government will continue to use this and expand to other platforms in the future. The Public Entity is currently making use of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and is continuously evaluating other media with the possibility of engaging the community.


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  1. How Exciting! Great Newa!

  2. Website cannot be reached from different domains in european Netherlands. Several internet providers tried, but all are forwarded from to a non-existing domain:
    It appears that the Saba Government uses the wrong IT persons, who do not test before launching a new website.
    Today from the domain of a Dutch municipality there was another try, but the same result.

  3. Christopher Smith

    The website is now working reliably here.
    I have no problems calling webpages up here in Germany.
    None of the pages has displayed improperly now.

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