Saba is now listed as a safe destination on the CDC and the State Department websites

Brief update from the Island Governor, June 17th, 2021

After many months of lobbying, Saba is now listed as a safe destination on the CDC and the State Department websites.

Windward Island Airways informed us that they will be adding additional flights to their regular schedule in Quarter 4 of this year to correspond with our high season.

They also indicated that they will add additional flights on an as-needed basis before this goes into effect.

When traveling to and from Saba, make sure to fill in the necessary entry documentation and follow all requirements, protocols, and policies put in place by your destination country/island

GIS Saba

Malinda Hassell is appointed Director of Tourism for Saba
Dutch Research Council - NWO - organized Dutch Caribbean Research Week for high schools


  1. Derek Cunningham

    That wonderful news. I can’t wait for Saba to open up to American tourists. Been itching to get back to the island. However since the US is on the banned country list of the Netherlands Government, having the CDC and State Departments approved to travel there means nothing. Sadly if I wanted to take a 5-7 day vacation on Saba I couldn’t. Now I could be reading the information wrong but last I checked per the Netherlands Gov website, if a country is not listed on the safe travel list it’s considered a banned/high risk country. I certainly this changes soon. I’d love to come down and visit for a much needed vacation.

    • Derek, per our experience as Americans who love Saba, if you are vaccinated, you can come to Saba without quarantine. We did it in May with no problem. You will need to show a negative Covid test and complete the EHAS documents. Saba is open again for tourists!

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