Saba has 2 positive Covid-19 infections

Saba now has 2 positive cases. These cases are not related to each other. All necessary contact tracing has been followed, and the active cases remain in isolation.

The Public Health Department would like to remind the community of the following;
•We are in a mitigation phase and no longer in containment. We continue to encourage everyone to take personal responsibility when traveling and adhere to the on-island rules.
•Vaccinated travelers from one of the CAS islands (Curacao, Aruba, or St. Maarten) must practice extra measures. This includes wearing a mask when in public, working from home if possible, avoiding large gatherings, and practicing excellent hand hygiene.
•Call the Saba Cares clinic if you develop symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose)
•Continue to monitor all communications from the Island Government of Public Entity Saba

Remember, the covid-19 virus can affect anyone, and we should treat everyone with respect. The situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic remains fluid, and the Island Government of the Public Entity Saba reserves the right to change any conditions at all times when the circumstances require it.

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