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Saba Government announces 3 vacancies

At the Department of Public Works & Sanitation there is a vacancy to be filled as a Maintenance Worker.

Download (PDF, 40KB)

The Public Entity of Saba in search of a hands-on Human Resource Manager, who along with colleagues, will implement policy and initiate development. With the management of the organization, you are the promoter for the implementing of organizational changes, personnel policy and new HR-methods and instruments. You foster discussion on desirable developments within the organization and function as a sounding board and interviewer.

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Saba wants to give an impulse on tourism . This can only work when it’ s a joint effort of different stakeholders on island in collaboration with partners abroad and when travelers get a warm welcome when they carne on island. The welcoming agent will be this person. You will work in very close relationship with the tourism bureau, business owners on Saba, agents and concierges abroad. You will focus on welcoming travelers arriving at the harbor and you will be the agent for these who need extra information before they come to Saba.

Download (PDF, 682KB)

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