Relief for tourism and hospitality sectors

Businesses in the hospitality and tourism sector will get additional relief from the Public Entity Saba for the period April through December 2020. The entrepreneurs don’t have to pay the various fees to the government that are normally due.

The Executive Council recently decided to waive a number of local government fees for businesses in these two sectors in an effort to provide additional relief measures for businesses that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. On the list for this relief measure are: rental car companies, taxi drivers, restaurants and bars, hotels, gift and clothing stores, hardware stores, fishermen, travel services, dive shops, and ferry services.

The entrepreneurs were informed early this week about the decision to exempt them from paying the applicable fees. The businesses were reminded that the waiving of fees does not include outstanding debts owed to the Public Entity Saba or the payment of future fees.

The decision of the Executive Council is a follow-up to the earlier additional relief measures that were implemented last year to help local entrepreneurs during the pandemic. These measures included a one-time compensation for lost revenues and the waiving of certain local taxes.

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