Public Island Council meeting on Monday, November 12th


The Island Governor of the Public Entity Saba hereby invites you to a Public Island Council meeting on Monday November 12th, 2018 at the Government Administration Building.
This meeting will convene after the Public Central Committee meeting.
The agenda is as follows:

1. Opening and announcements
2. Approval of the agenda
3. Island Council Incoming correspondence list August 29th, 2018 – November 5th, 2018
4. Approval of the minutes from the Public Island Council Meeting on September 18th, 2018
5. Island Council Proposal 2018.005: Draft Multiannual Budget 2019-2022
6. Island Council Proposal 2018.006: Acquisition of two parcels of land at Rendezvous at Mount Scenery for agriculture for a total amount of USD 420.350,00
7. Closing

The Chairman of the Island Council, J.G.A. Johnson M. Ed.

The Week Against Child Abuse
Public Central Committee meeting on Monday, November 12th,

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