Police report of Friday, 5th of November until Monday 8th of November 2021

Arrest on Saba for insulting an officer
In the evening hours on Saturday, 5th of November, a 33-year-old man with the initials C.J.N.I. was arrested at a restaurant on the E.A. Johnson Road for insulting an officer. The perpetrator, who was involved in a fight, insulted the officers who arrived at the scene and tried to escape.


Childcare workers to the Netherlands for exchange program with the Dutch childcare organization Kindernet
More than 10% of Saba's population participated in Bizzy B's 5K run

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  1. Well how I saw it on the video, was that boy was attacked by 3 cops and a security guard came to help him. So what is the origin of this fake news by the cops? My personal opinion is, if you can’t work as a police officer and you can’t leave your stress at home, you’re not fit for this job.

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