Police report from Wednesday, 20th  of October until Friday, 22nd  of October 2021

Joint confiscated
On Thursday, October 21, a man at the Level on Saba was being checked under the Opium Act when the man walked by and the officers smelled a strong marijuana smell. He had a joint with him which was confiscated and immediately destroyed.

Enjoy, but drink in moderation
It’s almost weekend already. KPCN would like to remind you to consume alcohol in moderation when you participate in traffic.

This way you avoid unpleasant situations for yourself but also for others. It is prohibited to participate in traffic if you have drunk more than the permitted amount of alcohol. Whether you have to go to the police station and receive a fine depends on the result of the breathalyzer.

The police will check whether you are under the influence of alcohol with a breathalyzer. You are obliged to cooperate with the breathalyzer. This test indicates whether you have had more to drink than the legal limit. The result of this test determines whether you should go to the police station for further investigation. Do you refuse? The police will then draw up a report. Depending on the result of the breathalyzer, you will have to go to the office for a breath analysis. In this investigation, the police use special equipment to measure exactly how much alcohol you have drunk.

Are you driving under the influence of alcohol? Then you will receive a fine, a (temporary) suspension of your driving licence, a prison sentence or a combination of these penalties. The penalty depends on the seriousness of the situation. Are you involved in an accident? Then you will be tested for alcohol consumption faster than with a regular check-up.

Am I punishable as a pedestrian if I am drunk?
That is possible. The police can make a police report for public intoxication. Are you found drunk by the police? Then the police will rely on the outward appearance of drunkenness and your behavior. The police will not take a breathalyzer.


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