One-minute grocery run at Unique Supermarket

The Landsloterij team travelled to The Bot­tom in Saba for a one-minute grocery run. On October 31, Landsloterij surprised the winner of the eleventh drawing of the year 2021, Ewald E. Sumter, with a minute of free shopping. Sumter’s daughter, Marit­za M. Riley, rolled through Unique Supermarket in Windwardside, pushing the shopping cart while being cheered on by family mem­bers and supporters. There were no rules, and at the end Sumpter went home with US $780.80 worth of groceries.

This was Landsloterij’s 11th supermarket run, with totals having ranged from $400 up to $2,500. There were previous winners in Curacao, Aruba, Bonaire, and now in Saba.

In December, there will be five chances to win a one-minute run again during Landsloterij’s final drawing of this year.

There are chances of win­ning NM. 200,000, a one-minute grocery run, or many other prizes, on De­cember 3. Tickets are avail­able at authorised resellers in St. Maarten, St. Eusta­tius and Saba.

Landsloterij gave “special thanks” to Unique Super­market. “They were very friendly and welcomed us warmly.”

Saba’s one-minute super­market run video and oth­ers can be seen on Landslo­terij’s Facebook and You-Tube pages.

The Daily Herald.

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