Ombudsman for Children asks feedback from youth between 8 and 18 years

DCNA organizes Dutch Caribbean Big Live Nature Quiz to creatively engage youth in nature education
Campaign Youth Care in Week against Child Abuse

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  1. Several students from Statia-group8 responded and send in their comments. A summary:

    Hello I’m student6. I think it’s important to try my best to be smart and to work hard to get were I what to be. And to be more nicer to everyone.i will also like if on my island to have more supplies to play with and a get to getter to make money for the poor to eat.

    Hello I am student 11 and what I think that it needs more of here on statia is that I think more supplies works for all the supermarkets that needs more supplies and more toys for the little ones and all of the toys and stuff that big children like. I think what can change is how the shops close to early when the people wanna go home even if they are feeling well, that’s all I think. Thank you that was the end for my story.

    I think in st.eustatius we needs more high school because this island has religion like my school We are Christian and many people want to go to different religious school so I think we need more high school and elementary schools.

    I fine that my life isn’t bad everything is good ,school is good is just my parents i would like to find out more about my father but i have good friends. Statia needs more fastfoods places

    God love me

    Good day
    Hate children hating on each other and hate how they fight over stupidness. I want my father to come back and live with us again but this time to stay. And there are some thing that suppose to change in the island and I want for statia to have a Mc’donalds and kfc I want to give some tips of the cure for the corona virus find the opposite of the virus and fight it back I want statia to up grade

    We need more restaurants and things to do. More playgrounds.
    Is need to have more care for corona.

    I think that we should be able to stay with our both parents until it’s time for them to leave.

    I think in my life it really important for me to focus on my school work so I can have a bright future and i think we this year is a really important year for me because I’m going to high school which is much harder thank you.

    I need real friends

    I fine my school isn’t bad but I just don’t like some of my teachers because they pick favourites let me explain if a student comes from a foreign land they give them complements and if you are in trouble with them they say it you.

    We should have more stuff to play with for the children as a child for Statia we don’t have a lot of fun things like water parks amusement parks but it is alright we do a lot of fun things on this island sense we have to go in quarantine we can online chat and play with friends that are not near by.

    I want my sister back alive

    That we does get banned from stuff and get suspended.

    The teachers have favours the students

    I don’t need to change anything in my life thanks for your understanding

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