No restrictions on outbound travel

The Public Entity Saba would like to inform the public of the following;

persons wishing to leave the island are permitted to do so as there are no restrictions on outbound travel for Saba.
However, persons that plan to leave the island should consider the following;
1. At the moment, there are no commercial flights or ferries, so transportation from the island is your responsibility.
2. Persons should take into consideration what measures or requirements the destination island or country has in place.
3. The global situation is fluid, and measures can change at any moment.
4. When returning to Saba, you must request entry by emailing; two-week quarantine is mandatory and at your own expense.
5. Quarantine is not mandatory on essential travel to St. Maarten, with approval from the Island Governor, and once it is a day trip.

For quarantine exceptions see the latest entry and quarantine policy.


Entry and quarantine policy Saba - July 10, 2020
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