Opinion: No more votes for goats on Saba

Dear Editor,

For many years now, a small number of goat own­ers have been allowed to let their goats roam free on the island. Despite the destruction the goats have caused on the island and to people’s personal property, the goat owners never pay for it. They are never held responsible.

Finally the other 95 per cent of the people on Saba are able to have a say now. A goat program has finally been put in place to get rid of the free-roaming goats. The time of the goat is over, The time has finally come where everyone can finally grow flowers and food in their gardens with­out worrying about having it destroyed by goats. Peo­ple can finally plant fruit trees on the island with­out having to worry about them being destroyed by wild goats. It’s time for the island to move forward in agriculture.

While the free-roaming­ goat owners blame the gov­ernment, this change is the decision of the people of Saba. There are some older politicians that still have the goat mentality. But fi­nally, the majority rules. Out with the goats and in with home gardening and the beautification of our is­land. Majority rules.

Name withheld at author’s request.

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  1. This is hilarious! I am from the U.S and am reading about Saba for a school asignment. I love reading about the island and hope I can save up enough money to visit one day! I’m glad your goat problem is taken care of. 🙂

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