Minimum wage and social benefits in the Caribbean Netherlands increase 10% as of 1 January 2022

As of 1 January 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid, SZW) will increase the minimum wage on Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius by 10 percent. Inflation is included in this. The amounts of the social benefits such as the old-age pension (AOV) and the social relief will also increase.

As of 1 January 2022, people of 65 years or older who are entitled to the old-age pension (AOV) on the basis of living and working on Bonaire, Saba or St. Eustatius, will receive 10 percent more AOV. The partner allowance will increase proportionally. The widow and orphan pension (AWW) will also increase by 10 percent.

The social relief amounts also increase by 10 percent. The same applies to the child supplement and the supplements that have existed since 2020 for fully and permanently disabled people and those entitled to AOV.

Parents and caregivers will receive more Child Benefits in 2022. On Bonaire, Saba, and St. Eustatius, the Child Benefit for each child up to and including 17 years of age will become 89 dollars per month.

Improving the economic perspective

The Central Government has indicated in the coalition agreement that the priority for the Caribbean Netherlands lies in improving the economic perspective. To achieve this, incomes must increase and the cost of living must decrease. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment has introduced the first measures in 2019 and 2020 to increase the Legal Minimum Wage, the Child Benefit and social relief. Employer contributions were lowered, giving employers room to increase employees’ wages.

Raising the minimum wage and benefits by 10 percent is the next step. The increase is in line with the agreements made in the Central Dialogue on Bonaire and St. Eustatius, and with the social partners on Saba. The Central Dialogue is a consultative body between local government, employers, trade unions and the Chamber of Commerce on socio-economic issues, such as social security and combating poverty.

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