KPCN working method with regard to pandemic Covid-19 adjusted

The measures and consequences of the coronavirus have a major impact on the functioning of society. KPCN is no exception in such, we too have to contend with this. However, it is not possible for an organization such as the police to scale down as is possible in a non-critical organization.

That’s why  a number of measures have been taken to protect both our colleagues and the society of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

Following are the measures taken:

  • For prevention we will ask all visitors to the police station to wear a mouth mask; if the visitor does not have one, we can provide this.
  • We try to reduce the contact moments at the office as much as possible. For the citizen, this means that the process can run a little differently, meaning that a declarant must in the first instance write down on paper what happened, which will then be completed by telephone or e-mail.
  • The uniformed officers on the street can wear masks for prevention, even when they are in the police cars.

The Police Force asks you to comply with the measures taken by the Public Entities of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba for the safety of everyone.

The Police are also fully functional and operational and remains committed to the safety of our society.


Be Prepared, Stay Prepared !
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  1. So Happy during these Hard & Sad times…”A Pandemic”……that We are Blessed to live here on Saba!
    We have been well protected By Our Government & Healthcare Specialists & Police Force & Immigration Dept. & Insurance Care Workers!!! We feel very safe & protected!
    It was handled from DAY ONE! Thanking You for your Diligences & Successes!
    Yes, we miss the outside world…We do! And our Family & Friends who are OUT there! We miss Shopping by Island hopping & going State Side Or Europe! We Feel the “ Cabin Fever” & See the “Situation at hand!“ We are a small piece of community…Working hard to beat this! ( It could have been truly really bad here..small means…super easy to spread!)
    Let’s All keep up the good work!
    ⛱ A Special Thanks goes out… to All the businesses thinking outside the box for “All Of We!” Dine & Movie Nights, Sushi’s Nite..on and on…Special event Dining-In-Evenings…. at different establishments & Delivery’s from Several Great Chef’s Kitchen’s here as well!

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