Hemp plants seized

On Wednesday, October 6th , some hemp plants were seized at a home on the Airport Road on Saba. This after a few tips were received through the anonymous tip line of the police.

Calling the anonymous tip line (+599 717 7251) is completely anonymous because a computer system answers the phone. You record your tip and the recording is then sent to the relevant department to listen to and take action if necessary.

Also, contribute to the safety of your community and don’t be afraid to call the tip line in case you witness a crime.


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  1. From October 14th Saba-news

    “Saba this week was forced again to submit a skeleton budget”

    Maybe Saba needs to think outside the box. Amsterdam has coffee houses and hemp is legal and can be used. (Google “Amsterdam coffee houses”). Saba has a year around growing season.

    Hemp could become a cash crop being shipped to the Netherlands from Saba. Of course local laws would have to change. And growers would have to be licensed, monitored and shipments taxed. It could be revenue for the island.

    I mention this because as a long time visitor to Saba and living in Virginia, USA, Virginia has recently changed its hemp laws as a method for future tax revenue (Some will claim different reasons, but they will tax it.). If Virginia can think outside the box, so can Saba.

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