Greenhouse under construction for LIFE Center

The construction of a new greenhouse has started adjacent to the hospital in The Bottom. The greenhouse will be completely wheelchair accessible for the LIFE Center clients, a program for senior citizens.

Commissioner Rolando Wilson (center) with Bobby Zagers (right) and Evita Pronk (second from left) of the Planning Bureau with members of the Donisa Construction team.

Commissioner of Health Care and Agriculture Rolando Wilson, head of the Planning Bureau Bobby Zagers, and Planning Bureau project manager Evita Pronk visited the location on Thursday to look at the 22 by 12 feet greenhouse being built by Donisa Construction.

The construction should be completed by the end of March. The structure, made of wood, will have netting on the side so the wind can pass through it and a plastic roof. The shelves on which the plants will be placed will be at wheelchair height. A ramp has already been put in place by Work Monster, which also poured the foundation.

They will use the cistern on-site to water the plants, mostly vegetables such as lettuce, sweet peppers, Chinese cabbage, chives, and kale. The vegetables, which, once fully grown, will be used in the Benevolent Foundation kitchen, the foundation that manages the Home.

The benefits of this project are multiple, said Commissioner Wilson. “This will help to keep the clients of LIFE Center healthy, strong, and active,” he said. The greenhouse project is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW), the Public Entity Saba, and the Benevolent Foundation. A similar greenhouse has also been constructed at the primary school, the Sacred Heart School, so children can learn to grow their own vegetables.

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  1. Nice! Every house his own greenhouse could bring more fresh vegetables to the tables. Why not a lit bit larger scale? Besides costs of living could become much better.

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