Governor calls for vigilance during 2020 hurricane season

Monday, June 1, marked the start of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. “Forecasters predict an active above-average season, and with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, we have to think of the reality that planning may be different this year,” Island Governor of Saba Jonathan Johnson said.

Despite the impending hurricane season, the island’s Public Health Department will continue to work diligent­ly to manage the risk of COVID-19 in Saba, he said.

Most Caribbean islands are declaring to be COVID­19-free and making plans to reopen their borders. “With that said, we have to remain vigilant. Instead of solely staying informed of possible weather systems, we must also monitor the threat of COVID-19, as physically and economically this can impact our hurricane prepara­tions,” Johnson said.

He urged all Saba residents to have their hurricane plans and kits in place. “Hurricane plans include where you will go and what you will do during the storm. Your hurricane kit should have all the essentials, like canned food, drink­ing water, flashlight, and medications. Do not wait until a warning is issued, and stores are empty or closed. Re­member, it only takes one hurricane to make an impact,” Johnson said.

“Readiness and preparedness are our personal and col­lective responsibility. Your property and possessions are your primary responsibility. Do not wait until it is too late. It is better to be over-prepared than caught off-guard. Be prepared and stay prepared.”

The Daily Herald.

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  1. Do we love our Governor or What?
    Yep! We get to enjoy another term with him! Thanking the Queen!!!
    I am already having my handy man …Alex….check all my properties, that I manage
    Shutters,gutters, limbs close to homes being cut down, cistern checked and things lying around picked up!
    I now myself will purchase water and canned goods and make a comfortable sitting area under our duplex just Incase!
    Thanks for the reminders! We so Love Our Government here in Saba!
    (*No Trump junk here!!!!!!…….Rather kindness, caring hands no separating of people and pure common sense used in our country!) WE ARE SO VERY LUCKY TO BE HERE!

    • It is honestly sad that Tricia took this moment to bash the great President Trump of America. Thank you Governor Johnson for your impeccable leadership.

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