Goat Removal – Core Gut, Wiber Hole & the High Cliff

As part of the Nature and Environment Policy Plan for the Caribbean Netherlands, the Public Entity Saba continues to remove free-roaming goats for its goat control project. The method to remove free-roaming goats is through shooting. For this, the Public Entity Saba has appointed invasive species experts, Mr. Peter Haverson and Mr. Alexander McDougall, as official government hunters to remove free-roaming goats.

Starting Monday, August 23, shooting will occur in the Core Gut, Wiber Hole, and High Cliff areas until further notice. Shooting will take place Monday through Friday.

During this time, this zone will be closed to all persons for safety purposes, except for the appointed hunters and any other government-assigned persons. Failure to comply with these instructions will be met with legal/police action.

This closure extends to the areas as outlined in red in the map annexed to this notice. It will include Core Gut, leading up to the area under English Quarter and Windwardside, around the back of The Level, Wiber Hole, and across to the High Cliff area. The hillside opposite of Core Gut toward the Spring Bay side will also be closed as outlined yellow. However, goats in this yellow zone will not be shot. The yellow zone will only be used as a vantage point to target goats in the red zone.

This closure does not include the Spring Bay Trail, which will remain open to the public. We ask that you stay on the Spring Bay Trail and not hike down the ridges into the Core Gut area. Signs will be placed along the Spring Bay Trail with these instructions.

For persons wanting to access this zone during closure times, contact local coordinator Justin Simmons-de Jong at 416-3311 extension 280 or email justin.simmons@sabagov.nl.

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