Get a free bottle and electric tap from Saba Splash !


This promotion ends September 9th, or while stock last.

Visit and fill in the form. We will deliver the bottle and tap to your home for free.

*One bottle and tap per home. Don’t forget to assist your auntie or nana to get one!


The brochure below provides information on their product. It may take a bit of time to download it.

Download (PDF, 4.52MB)

Saba Splash

Police report of Friday, the 2nd of September until Monday, the 5th of September 2022
Renovation of the Scout's Place Hotel has started


  1. René Caderius van Veen

    Almost everybody has a cistern, so who on Saba will need this?

  2. Good morning it’s so wonderful that Saba can provide clean drinking to the island, but it’s still a bit heavy salty taste fir me I buy and cook with it and my son drinking because it’s what the school used so it’s fine with him

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