Four Vacancies for teachers in SCS

The Saba Comprehensive School (the only school for secondary and vocational education on the island) seeks several new colleagues. We are looking for colleagues who are interested in making a long-term commitment to the school. Our new colleagues will be recruited based upon his/her experiences, motivations and dedication to the position.

Clubs & Social Media Coordinator (Full-Time) effective August 1, 2021

You will be working with the school administration to develop, manage and coordinate activities surrounding the after-school programs (clubs). You will be responsible (for example) for developing schedules, welcoming workshop instructors and club leaders, recruit and supervise instructors/club leaders, attendance of the students, and assigning students to busses. As part of your responsibilities, you will be requested to manage our social media by creating engaging texts, images and video content as well as to design posts to sustains the readers’ curiosity and a buzz around the SCS. Basic financial management is preferred as you will also have to give accountability for the funds to the Management of the SCS.

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Praktijkonderwijs Teacher (1 FTE) effective 01/08/2021

As a Praktijkonderwijs teacher, you work with students who qualify for Praktijkonderwijs. You should be able to assess the students’ individual needs in the field of behavior, well-being, education, and development and translate this into individual educational goals and plans.

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Remedial Education Teacher (1 FTE) effective 01/08/2021

As a remedial education teacher, you work with students who are falling behind schedule in their education. As a Remedial education teacher, you provide all the skills and knowledge needed by the students to attain these basic social and educational skills, with which they can build a solid foundation of knowledge in the future.

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Maritime Assistant & Substitute Assistant (1.0 FTE) effective August 1, 2021

As the teacher assistant, you should have good organization skills, good attention to detail, the ability to work alone and as part of a team, and excellent communication skills.
The teacher assistant will provide assistance in the execution of maritime theoretical and practical classes, assist the teacher by helping groups of students and answering questions, consult with the teacher about safety measures and advise on working condition rules, perform minor repairs on equipment or materials, assist the teacher and their classes, perform minor repairs on equipment or materials, manage stock and order materials in collaboration with the teacher. The teacher assistant will also be required to administer tests, guide students in cross-curricular projects, and attend a variety of meetings and substitute absent teachers at the SCS when needed.

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