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Both Saba and St. Eustatius are low-risk areas, with similar epidemiolocal situations (no local transmission of covid-19), this means that travel remains possible between the two islands once travelers meet the requirements of the local governments of both Public Entities.
Residents of Saba can always leave the island with no requirements from the local government. This travel is at your own risk, and we advise that you check your transit and destination requirements.
All persons wishing to (re)enter Saba must email info@Sabagov.nl to request approval from the Island Governor.
Returning residents, medical students, or essential workers should be aware that there are requirements when (re)entering Saba from medium to high-risk areas.
Requests are dealt with case by case. There is a centralized 14-day quarantine requirement for persons traveling from high-risk areas. The centralized quarantine requirement can apply for medium-risk travelers if there are additional signals that warrant it. Otherwise, medium-risk travelers are responsible for their quarantine location; and this is also for 14 days.
Leisure travel into Saba is still not permitted from destinations categorized as medium to high-risk areas.
On August 10th, Bonaire and Curacao were scaled up to medium-risk because they had been open to Aruba.
At the moment, Curacao is experiencing a rise in locally transmitted covid-19 cases. Although there are presently no active cases on Bonaire, they remain open to Curacao.
Zvk referred medical travel to and from Curacao, and Bonaire is still possible without quarantine upon returning.


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