COVID-19 update Island Governor Jonathan Johnson of Thursday, January 7

We see that numbers are spiking again around us.  At the same time vaccinations have started in the different countries. This year still will not be a normal year, but we can have more hope for normalcy and perspective now.

Because of the number of positive cases on Bonaire we moved the island from medium risk to high risk. This means mandatory testing and a 10-day quarantining for everyone coming from Bonaire.

Presently we have about 70 people in total in quarantine on island and so far everyone adheres well to the measures.

On Monday, January 4 we learned from the responsible minister of Public Health Hugo de Jonge that Saba will get enough vaccines to vaccinate the entire population. Dr. Koen and Dr. Ruth shortly will be making more information on this shortly in a short video update.

As a public entity, we have met with the medical school. This semester there will be a total of around 70 students on the island.

Everyone who travels to our island is asked to send in their paperwork two weeks in advance.

Too often the requested information comes in too late and not complete. We want to keep our island safe and contained and that’s why we have to follow procedures at the borders.

Now that it is confirmed that we will get the vaccines, the Outbreak Management Team will discuss the steps and process needed to open our island back up. This will be done in the same manner as we did in 2020. A step by step approach and with different safety measures will be in place so that we continue with keeping the island safe.

I want to thank everyone for their patience, help and following the instructions.

GIS Saba

Saba moves Bonaire from medium- to high-risk status
Vaccination on islands not possible before mid-Feb.

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  1. How do I know if we sent our paperwork I already?

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