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…”In the highest prayer, men pray only for the love of God, The chief goal of prayer is “development of the individual and society, through the acquisition of virtues and powers. "Blessed is the spot, and the house, and the island..." While we very much believe in and rely upon the power of prayer as being a vital factor in solving problems both in our personal lives and in the life of the community at large, we also accept that prayer alone will not be effective in establishing the peace and security of the peoples of the world. For this reason, prayer and devotional meetings are but a part of an integrated pattern of community building... Essential to that pattern is the devotional meeting—a communal aspect of the godly --- a marvellous opportunity for your community not only to worship the Almighty and seek His benedictions in your own lives, but to extend to your fellow citizens the spiritual energies of prayer, to restore for them the purity of worship, to kindle in their hearts faith in the confirmations of God, and to strengthen in them, no less than in yourselves, eagerness to serve ... humanity and to show constructive resilience in the path of justice.
HERE individuals share prayers or scriptures that are meaningful to them and others, to uplift our spirits to to find those qualities within us that can help others in Statia, St Maarten, Anguilla, St Kitts/Nevis, Montserrat, Antigua and Barbuda. ON ZOOM 904 304 1204 pc184455 Personal initiative to link people.

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