Child Focus visited Statia

In October, Child Focus, in collaboration with Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and St. Eustatius National Parks Association (STENAPA), organized a trip for children of Saba’s Junior Rangers and Snorkel Club to Statia .

On October 15, a group of 38 children, accompanied by coordinators, parents and teen volunteers, went to St. Eustatius with the Edge ferry. With the assistance of STENAPA Education and Outreach Officer Achsah Mitchell, the children went on a hike through The Quill National Park.

The Child Focus participants on St. Eustatius. Photo Child Focus

The hike presented a unique learning opportunity for the group of children, as they were able to identify the varying terrestrial species between the ecosystem of St. Eustatius and Saba. While the Mount Scenery National Park’s highest point is 887m, the summit elevation of The Quill National Park is 601m. These differences in elevations create unique ecosystems at different heights.

The kids then went swimming at Gallows Bay. After some fun in the waves, which is a different experience from swimming at the harbor on Saba, Mitchell led a turtle nest triangulation exercise for the children on the beach. The children were eager to participate in the triangulation exercise, which is an important part of turtle nest monitoring. The nesting season for sea turtles in the Caribbean roughly lasts from May to January.

Child Focus thanked the SCF and STENAPA for assisting with this activity. For more information, follow the participating organizations on Facebook and Instagram @ChildFocusFoundation, @SabaConservation, @StenapaStatia

Child Focus

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