Caribbean Netherlands better on the EU map, reports envoy Rijna

Special envoy Edison Rijna reported to the State Secretary for Kingdom Relations and Digitalisation Alexandra van Huffelen on his work since his appointment on the 18th of April. The report offers insight into the approach of the envoy for the European Union, and United Nations, and economic development with Latin …

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Saba delegation discussed social domain topics in the Netherlands

Community Development Department Head Rosa Johnson-Hassell (left) visited the National Government Department for Culture and Heritage RCE in Utrecht. A delegation from the public entity Saba vis­ited the Netherlands October 2-10 to have meetings about the social domain that covered topics such as poverty eradica­tion, school buildings, culture funding, the …

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Saba delegation visited The Hague to further Saba’s plight

A four-member delegation, headed by Commissioner Bruce Zagers, was in The Hague from Monday, October 2 to Tuesday, October 10 for meetings with the different ministries and political organizations. There were multiple reasons for going to The Hague at this time, explained Zagers. Meeting with the ministries and political organizations …

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Dutch senior civil servants visit Saba

A delegation of Dutch senior civil servants recently visited Saba on behalf of caretaker Minister of Nature and Nitrogen Policy Christianne van der Wal. The visit aimed to foster closer ties between the Saba government, conserva­tion organisations, and the Dutch government. Leading the delegation was Donne Slangen, Director-Gen­eral of Nature …

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RCN recognises diversity week

Rijksdienst Cari­bisch Nederland (RCN) for the first time in Saba marked National Coming Out Day on October 11, which is part of RCN’s ac­tivities for diversity and in­clusion week. RCN Policy Advisor Daf­tony van Bosse said that in 2022 the celebrations were only held in Bonaire. How­ever, it was decided …

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First KNMI climate scenarios for BES

For the first time ever, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute has included Bo­naire, St. Eustatius and Saba (BES) as special mu­nicipalities of the Nether­lands in their annual cli­mate scenarios. St. Eustati­us and Saba are expected to experience hurricanes with increased frequency and intensity, whereas the hur­ricane activity in Bonaire stays …

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