Saba population gets booster vaccination

People on Saba of 12 years and older have been going to the Public Health Department since Wednesday to get their booster vaccination against COVID-19. Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and his wife Rosalyn Johnson went to get their booster vaccination on Thursday. It concerns the second booster for persons between …

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Van Huffelen says goal to keep electricity affordable

“We hope to keep the electricity bill affordable for everyone in the Caribbean Nether­lands,” said Dutch State Secretary of Kingdom Re­lations and Digitisation Alexandra van Huffelen on Wednesday. The Dutch government announced on Thesday that it will make 15 million eu­ros available for measures to lower the energy cost in …

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Saba exports 6 containers with recyclables in Sept.

Saba exported six containers with plastics, cardboard and shredded tires abroad for recycling, in September. As usual, the majority of Saba’s recyclables were shipped to the USA for further processing. Saba has a very active recycling system in place whereby recyclables are separated, compressed and exported, thereby drastically reducing the …

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Praise for major renewable energy investment Caribbean Netherlands

Government officials of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba are very content with the 33.6 million euros that the Dutch government had made available to accomplish an accelerated pace towards renewable energy on the three islands. Minister of Economic Affairs Rob Jetten and State Secretary of Kingdom Relations and Digitisation Alexandra …

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