Law Enforcement Council positive about follow-up of recommendations by KPCN

The Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) and the corps executive (the Minister of Justice and Security) have executed the majority of the recommendations from four earlier inspection reports of the Law Enforcement Council. The Council concluded this in its review investigation ‘Follow-up recommendations KPCN’. The Law Enforcement Council has made …

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Stimulating participation in Culture Cultural Participation Fund

The Cultural Participation Fund encourages people to actively engage with culture. We support initiatives throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands – at school and in leisure time, and across all disciplines. Culture is created by everyone and it shapes us all. What about you? We, the Dutch governmental culture fund …

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Saba offers its children lots of activities after school

With a wide range of afternoon activities in place, children on Saba do not have to be bored after school. From dance, arts, and cooking classes to basketball, volleyball and swimming there are more than 40 activities that children can choose from to keep occupied in a positive manner after …

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Further improvements at Saba’s waste management facility

Several improvements were implemented at Saba’s waste management facility since the beginning of March. Representatives of Cadwell Inc., the company from Florida that assists the Public Entity Saba in the area of waste management, trained the personnel(s) on how to properly separate the waste streams and how to enhance the …

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SCS Seaman Operations curriculum: Saban students to sea

Saba has a long-standing tradition of captains and seafarers and to this day has an intrinsic relation with the sea. In this sense, the introduction of the curriculum of Seaman Operations that started at the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) last year fits right in. As part of this maritime program, …

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Scheduled traffic control Saba – three reports

Police report of Monday, March 22nd  until Wednesday, March 24th  2021 A scheduled traffic control was held on Saba on Monday, March 22nd. A total of 114 vehicles were checked at four locations, during which 3 police reports were issued and a bag with presumable hemp as the content was …

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