Promising Outcomes Achieved through Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance’s Education Standards and Strategy Workshop

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) recently organized an Education Standards and Strategy Workshop, bringing together esteemed park and conservation authorities from the Dutch Caribbean region. The workshop focused on developing educational standards and devising effective educational strategies for park organizations, Aruba National Park Foundation, Saba Conservation Foundation, Nature Foundation …

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Foundation must be in order for digitisation

The focus of digitisation in the com­ing period in the Carib­bean part of the Kingdom is on getting the necessary foundation in order. This means the introduction of the Citizen Service Number BSN in Bonaire, St. Eusta­tius and Saba, and giving Dutch Caribbean students a BSN prior to coming to …

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Coast Guards assisted a sailing vessel at Saba

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 11th, the Maritime Operation Center (MOC) received a report of a sailing vessel in need of assistance at Saba. The mooring rope broke loose and the sailing vessel ran aground on the west side of the island. Another sailing vessel nearby assisted …

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Van Huffelen says she’ll keep working in interest of Kingdom

Caretaker State Secretary for Kingdom Relations and Digitisation Alexandra van Huffelen expressed her regret over the fall of the Dutch gov­ernment, but assured that she in­tended to continue her effort for the Caribbean part of the King­dom. “Unfortunately, we were unable to bridge our substantive differ­ences this week. And that …

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Goat Removal in designated hunting zones

As part of the Nature and Environment Policy Plan for the Caribbean Netherlands, the Public Entity Saba continues with the removal of roaming goats for its livestock control project. The method to remove roaming goats is through (capturing and) shooting. For this, the Public Entity Saba has appointed a government …

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