Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Problem dogs on Saba

Dear editor, I have been reading about the goat problem being an important issue for Saba, for their effects on nature and on safety. They look cute and don’t harm people directly but still they are described as a nuisance, a cause of problems, a frequent subject for discussion and …

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Opinion Koos Sneek: Time to evaluate ZVK

As a result of a growing skepticism over the functioning of Zorgverzekeringskantoor Caribisch Nederland (ZVK), the island council members of Saba travelled to Bonaire to discuss their concerns with officials of the BES healthcare insurer. This came almost at the same time as the publication of the report of the …

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Opinion: Social minimum for Caribbean Netherlands

Eight years after 10-10-10 it is clear that the present Dutch coalition govern­ment is prepared to finally establish a social minimum. While the responsible state-secretary Van Ark has re­cently announced that the presentation of the study into the social minimum to parliament will be delayed, the chairman of the King­dom Relations …

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