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E&H Home center
+599 416 3350
Providing Saba with quality construction products that are both durable and affordable such as grip-rite stainless steel screws & nails, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Bosch & Makita power tools, plasmo guttering, Sherwin Williams Paint, lumber, rebar etc
Bottom Bean Cafe
+599 416 3385
Have you been to the Bean?

Saba's one and only coffee house, cafe and shop with signature blend whole bean coffee and european dark roast espresso.
Saba Health Care Foundation
The Bottom
+599 416 3288
Saba Health Care Foundation

SHCF’s medical care is provided to the community of Saba in the A.M. Edwards Medical Center in The Bottom. Our patients consist of local residents, medical students and faculty from the Saba University School of Medicine, and tourists visiting the island for leisure or business.

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