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The Saba News business Directory is a free, online service to the community of Saba where businesses, organizations and professionals, connected to Saba, can present themselves. To avoid spam, it is necessary to first register on the site for getting access to the Business Directory section. After acceptance you can post, edit and/or remove your listing without further assistance of the Editors


You have full control over the content of your listing. The online content consists of:

Short description
Here you describe in a few words what your activity is about. This content will be displayed in the category section that you have selected for your activity.

Expanded description
Here you can present a full description of your activity, even with pictures embedded in the text.

Facebook link
A reference to your Facebook page if you have one.

Website link
A reference to you website if you have one

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We need to have control over the individual that are allowed to publish on Saba News. So you need to register first before you can create and publish your listing.

When your application for registration is accepted, you can login any time to create or change the content of your listing without requiring further support from the Editors of Saba News

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